Founded in 1990 as Gasotherm, construction company and private facility . In 2005 became Gasotherm - Gasothem Plast Plast Ltd. SK is part of G & B Holding and working with this company. In cooperation makes use of certificates Gasotherm SK Plast Ltd., is located in Nové Zámky in southwestern Slovakia. Gastherm - SK Plast Ltd. The company is fully prepared to carry out the work and engineering meets all applicable standards BS in Slovakia and EN standards applicable in the EU and other countries. Our company is certified ISO 9001/2009, BS EN ISO 14001/2005, BS OHSAS 18001/2009, BS EN ISO3834 - second The company is fully equipped with the technology, know - how, machinery and equipment, of course, with artisans experienced and professional guidance. Gasotherm - SK Plast Ltd. Participation in tenders as a contractor and subcontractor projects in Slovakia and in other countries. . Since the start of any work done without causing malfunction or damage and is in the long-term cooperation to all reliable and trustworthy partners.


The company performs this type of work:

  • Design and production of custom industrial communication modules
  • Design and production of custom industrial control modules
  • Design and production of custom I/O modules

Main activities are:

  • Cortex programing
  • Design optimal drive systems
  • Design large photovoltaic fiels
  • Design hybrid photovoltac systems
  • Design battery chargers

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